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The Planetary Court of Justice is an interim concept when making the transition from an irrational and immoral societal system baaed on coercion to a rational and durable societal system. One based on the individual responsibility of striving for rational and moral action.

This is based on the Universal Laws of Volitional Behavior. The "negative" side of which says individuals seek to acquire the most amount of property for the least amount of effort. The "positive"side of which says that individuals—given free choice—will do those things that would seem to increase their happiness.

Interfering in the life of someone else does not make that person happy. It means they in turn may wish to interfere in your life. And the cycle of property interference and violence continues. Rather than engaging in retribution, you can "restrain" the aggressor from performing additional such actions by making life difficult for them. Morally. By refusing to supply services the person may need. By not having anything to do with the person. And when others who know of the unacceptable behavior of this person do the same, life becomes more and more difficult for the person. This can prompt them to eventually apologize for their action and make restitution. To have their "credit rating" restored and to able to again live an acceptable life.

This can and will happen in a society in which no one controls the property of another individual. Which means any organization that provides an "essential" service, such as water, electricity, food, street and road services will have an owner. One who is in control of that property. And can refuse to serve anyone indulging in unacceptable, immoral societal behavior. This is moral and rational. A political police and court system is not moral and not rational. Has this ever solved even one of our societal problems? Is there now no crime because of this system? Or might this system actually be increasing crime…?

During the transition, when the failed and irreparable system of political predominates. we can invite attention to those whose behavior is not moral and rational. Even criminal. Even if we could do so, to send a SWAT team—the political police—out to arrest them would be counter productive. Rather, we should strive to make them irrelevant. Actually there are already irrelevant and will be so in future history. Yet they have a chance to redeem themselves. By stopping their criminal activities and beginning to live a rational and moral life.

For those who are simple bureaucrats it is much easier. For those acting as heads of political régimes and war ministers it is not so easy. They are the serial killers and those who used weapons of mass destruction. Strictly speaking, no apology and no amount of restitution can compensate for what they have done.

Yet we must understand how this happened. And as in true cases of "temporary insanity," offer a path to rehabilitation. Why? Two reasons I can think of. One is that carrying a grudge forever is a waste of the intellectual powers of the individual doing so. And accomplishes nothing productive. Nothing that might increase the quality of their own life.

The other is that like citizen–victims of a régime, the politician is also a victim. Of their upbringing, education, environment. Even the culture of their society. In which everyone accepts ideas that are not correct.

As the great Thomas Paine said:

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom.”

We often accept things as being true merely because we do not think about them. "My parents said it, my teacher told me. The priest said it in church. Everyone believes it."

Maybe a good example is the Turkish Janissaries. A fierce fighting force. The "special forces" of their day. Often they would sack towns and kill all the men. Take the women and children into slavery. The children grew up believing the were the children of their captors. And would become Muslim Warriors. Not knowing they were the son of a Christian shopkeeper. If you told them that it might cost you your life.

People who seek to control the lives and property of others through politics are the same type of victim. And while they might even be executed under the very rules they or their own kind have created, our best course is to shun them. Make them irrelevant and create the situation in which there is no mechanism that can be used for controlling the lives and property of others.

In a political society the criminals have in fact announced themselves to the world by their criminal actions. Effectively charged themselves with a crime. The laws of nature sit in judgement on them. Those are trying to live a moral and rational life and not control the lives and property of others are the jury. And can vote based on the evidence of their crimes. For the major criminals it is vast amount of property destroyed. Tens of thousands of people dying as a result of their actions. For the bureaucrats it is the lese heinous crimes (I can't believe I just said that…?!) of controlling the lives and property of others. And stealing money from their victims. Even lower bureaucrats I supposed it is "aiding and abetting a crime, sheltering a criminal," etc.

If people in society have announced themselves as criminals you as jurors may issue a verdict on your understanding of their crime.

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